Atlantika Premium Cod and Haddock Fillets
Wild - Fresh - Frozen at Sea
Premium Cod and Haddock Fillets

Atlantika, Inc.

Atlantika® Inc., is a U.S. Corporation headquartered in the State of Connecticut. It was established in 2009 to service the US and Canadian markets with Frozen at Sea Cod and Haddock fillets which are sourced in the cold clean waters of the Barents Sea. The Barents Sea is part of the North Atlantic Ocean where sustainable stocks of Cod and Haddock have been growing considerably over the years.

Atlantika® Brand Cod and Haddock fillets are totally "clean products". There are no chemicals used in the processing of the fillets nor is the fish glazed. It is protected with the EZ Pack. Atlantika® Brand fillets are 100% fillets.

Our products are traceable from catch to customer.

Atlantika Inc. 253 Putnam Road New Canaan, Ct. 06840